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Here are the six steps you will follow to turn your hobby into cash:

Step One

The first step is to choose a hobby or activity that inspires you. Begin by scratching out a list of everything you enjoy. Make the list as long as possible. Don’t worry if your passion seems crazy or even embarrassing. Crazy and embarrassing can be good!

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After you have at least 10 (but hopefully several dozen) topics, you will begin to narrow them down by asking the following questions:

  • Is this something that is difficult or complicated? (Collecting butterflies, rare coins, etc.)
  • Is this something that requires skill? (Golf, fly-fishing, playing the French horn, building airplanes, etc.)
  • Is this something that needs tools or parts? (Repairing old radios, vacuum cleaners, motorcycles, etc.)
  • Is this something people have strong opinions about? (Wine, beer, cooking, etc.)
  • Is this something that sounds crazy or embarrassing? (Skydiving, sexual fetishes, eating dirt, etc.)

You are looking for “yeses.” The stronger the yeses, the better. You can then get rid of topics that don’t have that many yeses.

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Of the remaining topics, think about the ones that YOU feel you could really get behind and write about enthusiastically.

Step Two

This is where we figure out the online supply and demand for your topic ideas. Supply represents the number of websites and pages that have already been published on your topic by other people and companies.

Demand represents the number, or universe, of people who are actually looking for information on your topic.

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